Gamebook Black Castle Dungeon

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We are working on translating the game into English! Thank you for your interest.

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Gamebook Black Castle Dungeon

Sit back with a cup of hot tea and get ready to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a dark and mysterious fantasy world. After all, this adventure does not tolerate fuss.

The story

This unusual book in the format of an interactive story will allow you personally to build a storyline, fight, conjure, make decisions and ultimately affect what the story ends. For those to whom “Dungeons” are familiar from childhood, the favorite book-game will open new facets and will allow you to plunge into that distant magic time when we were small. For those who hear about “Dungeons” for the first time, but always felt a craving for adventure and role-playing games, it will be possible to get a unique experience, for the first time discovering the mysterious universe of Elgariol.


  1. Colorful illustrations about the secrets of the Black Castle.
  • Music that changes with the plot twists.
  • Adventure with many dangers and traps.
  • Dynamic fights, where there is room not only for the sword, but also for magic.
  • Google Play’s achievements for extreme strength testing.
  • HD-graphics with support for all types of devices. Does not contain in-game purchases — the whole game universe is entirely in your hands.