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Gamebook Symbiont 0 survival quest

The story

A text quest that centers around a neurobiologist locked up in a secret laboratory teeming with… zombies! When the worst comes to the worst, an operator contacts him, extending a helping hand…

A small gamebook that throws light on the events that precede the events of Symbiont 1. How did the tragedy at “Shelter M-2” get underway? Why were the scientists locked up and abandoned among the walking dead? How did Shepard get infected? The answers are all there waiting for you in ‘Zero’.


  1. The shortest part of Martin Shepard’s adventures, which is just as important as the rest.
  2. A plot liaison between all of the parts of the original ‘Symbiont’ zombie universe.
  3. No expectations, just pure action at the most dangerous and intense Zero hour!
  4. Original musical and audio score.
  5. Inimitable atmosphere of adventures and horror!