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Gamebook Symbiont 1 survival quest

Thr story

The last 36 hours of the sole survivor of a mysterious accident in a top-secret lab complex. Abandoned by everyone and desperate, wandering among the walking dead, by some miracle he manages to contact you and asks for help.

You’re short on time — the deadly virus is about to break out, threatening the entire humanity, and you’re now involved in this dramatic action.

Symbiont 1 is a science fiction text quest, a mix of horror and survival elements. Each decision you make impacts the course of the story, and the salvation – or destruction – of humankind is in your hands.


  1. Mind-blowing atmosphere, a mix of sci-fi and zombie apocalypse.
  2. Gamebook script by a published author.
  3. The real book volume entails dozens of hours of dramatic gaming.
  4. Plot riddles, unexpected discoveries and twists that will astonish you.
  5. The novella’s action approximates real-time and depends on the decisions you make.
  6. Over 700 locations.
  7. 3 original finales.
  8. 40+ unique “deadly” finales.