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We are working on translating the game into English! Thank you for your interest.

News about our games:

Gamebook Symbiont 2: Pure horizon

Tragedy in laboratory “Shelter M-2” continues. But this time You are an operator, who has to lead his protégé through all danger of the infected object.


From now on You are on the other side of the conflict. You task: successfully complete the mission, tangle the mysteries and, of course, save mercenary’s life.

Sergey Berkut is a professional mercenary, man of the special unit “Blade”. But even all his training can’t resist Symbiont. You are the only hope!

Operation “Pure horizon” begins!

What’s inside?

  1. Direct continuation of the book-game “Symbiont”, reunion with old heroes, including neurobiologist Martin Shepard.
  2. Two unique plot campaigns.
  3. Over 13 000 unique messages.
  4. About 30 game hours.
  5. 4 various endings.
  6. 3 hidden (secret) locations + present from developers.
  7. Regime of communication with the personage is supplemented, now it sends player pictures from the spots.
  8. Updated and extended settings (including speed control of message display).
  9. Map of opened locations.
  10. System of Achievements and panel of opened/available endings.
  11. Renewed musical, audio- and graphic libraries.
  12. Improved system of environmental reaction on player’s actions.
  13. And, surely, involving plot, which intrigue will electrify player to the very last moments.