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We are working on translating the game into English! Thank you for your interest.

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Gamebook Tardyon survival quest

The Story

You are the operator of the intergalactic Salvation Service. Your console receives a cryptic signal from the ship, which can not be identified. The ship is in distress, the crew is in danger, and only you can save them.

But the cosmos knows how to keep its secrets. You will have to try to find the answer to the question: what happened after all?


  1. Book-game in the genre of science fiction.
  2. communication in the corporate style of real-time simulation.
  3. Branched plot and three original finals.
  4. Over 50 000 messages, unique puzzles, locations, characters, achievements and hidden rooms.
  5. Improved system of environmental response to your actions. Now really much depends on your attention.
  6. A lot of special “deadly” endings.
  7. Ability to adjust the speed of output messages and disable pauses.
  8. “Smart” system of tips and… much more!