For writers and screenwriters

We are looking for science fiction writers — professionals who are ready to write the gamebooks. The new authors will receive:

Unique tools for writing gamebooks
Technical creation of the game “from and to” according to our experience.
Recognizable brand for promotion (≈ 500’000 players).
Attracting your audience from our communities and games.
Translation into 6+ languages with known potential.
Knowledge, based on the experience and analytics of our games.
Remuneration from each copy sold.

To offer your game book, answer the questions of the form at the bottom of the page.

Why do we

We are understand the creation of books-games, their promotion and distribution on Google Play (for Android devices) and the iTunes Store (for iOS devices). As in book publishing, the larger publishing house give the higher circulation and better conditions for the authors.

With great caution, we select authors, guided by the principle “quality beats the amount”. Therefore, players appreciate our work (average score 4.8 out of 5) and meet new items with hot. If the gamebook came out in Symbiont Games — then it’s really cool.

Our gamesbooks can be proud for us and the author. The Symbiont Games Team will do everything to pick up a book-game quality design.

Every game is promoted individually. At your disposal will be all the advances that we have applied to our previous bestsellers. We know how to make a gamesbook famous.

What kind of manuscript is interesting to us

— From the published author (books / ebooks).
— Non-linear, interesting plot.
— The volume is not less than 320 thousand characters.
— Ability to continue the series.

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